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The Proof of Small Claim Services
by: Kristine Llabres
Clarisse, a friend of a prominent personality in Long Beach ask her lawyer about small claim services, she said, “Up to what amount should it still qualified to be a small claim?”

Her lawyer nodded and said, “It depends.”

Since Clarisse does not know the law well, so she does not post further questions on her lawyer but there is still doubt in her that somehow stained the relationship of her with her very own lawyer.

Read on and be informed. There is no harm if you try to know these sorts, right?

There are several small claims courts that provide an easy means for people in their respective states to settle disputes of under $5,000 without the aid any lawyer. For instance, when it comes to minor traffic problems, accidents and disputes, landlord and tenants issues, bad checks, breaches of contracts and so on, small claim courts allow the people to seek justice without the law taking into their hands.

Even though these courts are designed to be user friendly, still the whole legal process often intimidates and confuses the lay people that prevent them from going forward with an otherwise perfect case. There is a whole industry built around legal support services.

The lawyers contact out all kinds of work including legal research, court document retrieval and filing, asset location and many others. Oftentimes, the lawyer needs the services of private investigators and expert witnesses. All of these are available to individuals seeking relief in small claim courts.

A small claim case for instance begins with a complaint and the plaintiff files the complaint with the court to start the claim. However, the defendant must be served the complaint that means that the complaint must be hand delivered to the defendant. Experienced wise process serves to know all the tricks when it comes to locating and serving evasive defendants.

Bear in mind that if the defendant has been served the complaint, the process ever must file a proof of service with the court and this usually happens 15 or 20 days before the hearing, depending on where the defendant lives. This will give the defendant time to build a defense or make counterclaim. The law says that anyone that is more than 18 not involved with the case can serve the complaint.

The process however, serves charge very reasonable fees and they know how to correctly file the proof of process. Well, it is often better and recommended to invest a little money to get the job done right and hassle free.

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